Why "Photoshoot"?

Isn't this a Photobooth?

Although our setup may look very similar to some “open air photobooths”, we are definitely not a photobooth. And “Why?” may you ask? Well, because, our experience includes one very specific detail - a professional photographer!

I use my years of experience as a photographer, and decades of making a fool of myself to make you and your guests feel absolutely comfortable in your actions and confident in how you look. I’m there every step of the way suggesting poses, giving direction, supplying comments, loosening everybody up, and most importantly, creating beautiful and entertaining photographs of everyone having a blast and looking their best.

With fantastic assistants and editors right alongside me on site, we create an experience unparalleled by any photobooth, guaranteed. We can print, instantaneously project your images larger than life, upload to social media, and do pretty much anything you can dream of.



What is "The Book" anyway?

We often hear that the book is the best part of what we do - it is your very own personalized photo guestbook that goes home with you at the end of your wedding (or event).

As the night progresses, two copies of the best photos are printed on site, one copy for your guests to take home with them and one for the book. We place the gorgeous 4x6 images inside the beautifully built leather bound book and let your guests do the rest. They'll proceed to wish you well, bust your chops, and give you their (sometimes questionable) advice.

Once the night is through, the book is yours. Most of our brides say they're usually not even out of bed the next morning before they open it up and give it a look, reliving the memories of the night before with all of the outrageously crazy photos of their outrageously crazy guests.

(We can print in color too, but we think black and white just looks so damn sexy!)



What People Are Saying About Us



Q: How much does it cost?

A: Our photoshoot pricing starts at $1,850. We're proud to offer reduced pricing for charities, nonprofits, and startups. We'd love to meet you and learn more about your event and create a package for you that fits like a pair of custom tailored pajamas. (Additionally, let us know if you know a good place for custom tailored pajamas... those sound fantastic!)

Q: Do you travel?

A: We are based in Manhattan, NYC and can setup anywhere in the 5 boroughs, Long Island, and New Jersey with ease. We also love to travel and can bring our mobile photoshoot studio anywhere that has roads leading to it! (Contact us for specifics.)

Q: How much space does your studio require?

A: We have multiple mobile studios sized differently for different venues. Our smallest complete setup would be 8'x10', and our largest would be 20’x15’. Our larger setup(s) includes space for a 6' table to house our onsite editor, the guestbook, a printer etc.

Q: How long will you be at my event?

A: As long or as short as you'd like us to be! We'll advise you on a proper amount of time based on the number of guests and the particulars of your event.

Q: How many attendants will be there?

A: For smaller, non printing setups, we will have one photographer to help your guests get comfortable in front of the camera, help with prop positioning and creative posing. For setups that include printing, we will have an editor as well, and for larger events we'll have an additional assistant to keep things running smooth as fresh whipped cream on a hot fudge sundae.

Q: What kind of extras do you offer?

A: We offer projection, social media integration, custom branding on images, professional post event albums, and custom props to name a few - If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

Q: Can you upload to social media in real time?

A: Absolutely we can! Let's talk details.

Q: How many pictures do you take and how many prints do you make?

A: I will be nonstop taking an unlimited number of photos throughout the event. You will receive the high resolution photos digitally in an online gallery and we can also post the images on Facebook for you, where you and your guests can share and tag themselves. All printing packages include unlimited prints. (If you've got a fun-loving crowd who can't get enough of us, you can expect about 120+ photos taken per hour and about 75+ printed per hour) 

Q: Do I have a choice of backgrounds to use?

A: Our studio is equipped with several different backgrounds including a black, grey, and white. We also have premium backgrounds and can even create for you a custom background or adapt our setup to incorporate your venue's unique setting.

Q: Can you project or display the images somewhere?

A: Absolutely. We recommend projecting onto a large, highly visible wall (behind the bar works great!) but if your venue is not well suited for wall projections, we also can supply a projection screen or extra large HD monitor.  

Q: Can my guests order prints after the event?

A: Yup. They can order prints sized from 4"x6" to 20"x30" directly from your online gallery.  We can also print up to 36" x 60" and onto special materials such as canvas and aluminum!

Q: If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

A: You'd be surprised how many times we get this one! We would love to have the ability to teleport. We are quite proud of how portable our setup is, but getting it to the far reaches of Long Island, San Francisco, or London in a fraction of a second would be pretty awesome!